Project Biomodus - A Transhuman, Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG

Created by Joseph 'BEAR' Thompson - TAPM Systems

Project Biomodus: a Tabletop RPG, where powerful transhuman hunters try to survive the biomechanical horrors of a dying, adapted world.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

almost 3 years ago – Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 07:46:23 PM

Good morning everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted an update, so first off, I would like to thank you all for your patience and your faith as we go into a difficult 2017.

As some of you already know, this year did not start off so great for the team, least of all for myself. In January, my Mother-in-Law has a bad case of sepsis that pushed her into a coma for a few weeks, (although thankfully she is better and recovering well now) and then during that time, my Father-in-Law had to be admitted because his Alzheimer’s had sadly progressed to the point where we are no longer capable of taking care of him without medical assistance.

On top of the things happening in my stateside family here, my own family back in the UK is having some issues that will require me to head home for an – as yet unknown – amount of time while I deal with that.

What started off as a difficult year though has really turned around with this last weekend. Sadly I was not able to get the 6th Edition of our Playtest out to the people there, but we did have an excellent time with the new ruleset, we got some amazing feedback and met a ton of really awesome folks there – including one of my backers who I had not met before, who also managed to jump into the game at the last minute.


I set the game session in what is the ruins of Las Vegas, with the party coming from a well-to-do trading post, serving one of the city’s many ‘Corpse Ladder’ buildings – a skyscraper so massive that it touches the underside of the sky. Hunters who want to gain a name for themselves travel up these city-sized buildings to hunt some of the more dangerous creatures who nest there, and in doing so, fight to beat the record of the last hunter by reaching as high as they can before being forced to retreat.

Whoever gets to the highest floor (and can prove it) gains celebrity status, and the accolades that come with that.

The Pregens from Top Left: Medium Sentinel Minion Masterbot (Drone Lord), the Heavy Chimeric, Patient Blender (Slow-Moving, Impregnable Bladewall of Death), Murder-Hobo Gandalf (Wizard with a Shotgun), Captain Smash-and-Slash (in-and-out Skirmisher) and General Shooty-Shooty-Bang-Bang (the Combat Generalist with a Large Gun).

The party was summoned by their Enclave leader to let them know that one notable celebrity – The Lord Huntress Selena – had gone up and not come back down. Since she was such a well-known hunter, the Enclave Overseer felt that if they could discover her fate, the Corpse Ladder would be known as the one who potentially killed such a notable hunter and draw even more attention with hunters vying to do better than her. If she could be brought back, then that was just gravy too.

So the team set off. Naturally, climbing a full Corpse Ladder could be a high-threat campaign in and of itself, but luckily, they came across an old man, standing over the fallen body of one of the Lord Huntress’ aides. Obviously the aide had fallen from one of the higher levels, as noted by the crater and the damage.

The old man, having obviously looted the body was in turn rough-housed by the team to hand over his TD$ and ARM Pellets – which he did – but said he would lead them to a little-known shortcut if they gave him back his money. Agreeing, the old man led them to a secret Executive elevator that was still running on independent power, and ascending the building quickly, the team rushed past the first few levels of the tower to find the wayward Lord Huntress.

Things did not go as planned. The elevator was sabotaged and came to a crashing halt just above the floor they had planned on exiting. Leaving the elevator and ascending up the shaft, they also discovered that the shaft below had trapped them in the upper reaches of the tower. Regardless, they pressed on.

After an encounter with a pair of giant, mantis-like creatures with wicked scything blades, the team managed to find their way through the building security systems to reach an executive lounge on the upper floors. Having disabled the traps left by the creature inhabiting the floor, they discovered the old man at the bottom stringing up the destroyed but still alive form of the Lord Huntress to the ceiling – her core still visibly alive and active.

Behind them, the room had opened up into the sky outside, with dark clouds and green lightning seeping into the room itself. Quickly the party formulated a plan to use the fastest of the team to run in and grab the core before the old man could react and retreat with it.

Things did not go as planned, when grabbing the core, the skirmisher failed to notice the trap that had been set. With the clink of several grenade pins, the rigged body exploded and sent the Skirmisher flying back, much to the annoyance of the old man – now revealing himself to be the famous Biomodus of Legend NPC, Karcharias.

Turns out the infamous mercenary was here on two accounts. One – to fulfil a contract on the Lady Huntress, second to nab him some bragging materials by using the Lord Huntress’ Core as bait for some big game. Sadly, the players were not just a tasty snack to divert the rest of the creatures as he had hoped and had now ruined his trap… and not only that, it had drawn the attention of the game he was hunting.

Behind him, a Class 5 Melancorth emerged from the mists… and if you don’t know what that is, allow me to show you what one of our very talented artists came up with, as an illustration of one:

The Melancorth opened fire with a plasma beam that melted a lot of the floor and enveloped the mercenary, forcing him to drop the real core (still being held in his severed, melting arm) and then to retreat. The party – knowing that they would not be able to survive the fury of one of The Wastes toughest enemies decided to distract it long enough to recover the core and then leave in haste… the only applicable way being through the window and risking the fall.

It should be noted here that falling damage in Project Biomodus doesn’t really exist (given its anime influences) but an uncontrolled fall through high winds and no visibility would still be perilous. The Skirmisher was out first, using his insane speed to grab the core, run for the exit and leap at a dizzying speed out of the window. Although he expertly managed to land well through the first building he encountered, his final resting point was hard, but survivable. They had rescued the Lord Huntress!

The soldier dropped straight down, but fumbled their roll, ending up impacting on a jutting weather tower on the side of the building, spiraling down and landing near the body of the fallen Aide at the ground floor – damaged, but alive.

The Pirate brawler (one of my most awesome backers decided she wanted to make her own character and a pirate sounded good,) wanted to try for the Melancorth and ended up getting swallowed and chewed up, but not before giving the Melancorth some devastating indigestion!

The Minion Master and the Murder-Hobo Gandalf characters made their escapes, while the huge, Chimeric tank (the Patient Blender) decided to also try for a high-velocity leap but burning all of its forge points in a final launch. Sadly, a fumble and a lot of damage later, the tank ended up impacting on two buildings before a lopsided radio tower impaled the 3-ton Biomodus, leaving his failing core drained and dead on the tip of the tower – a final gravestone to mark their adventure.

All in all a successful adventure (minus two deaths), but that’s the way life goes in The Wastes!

Thanks again to all my backers and players, and I hope to see you all at KublaCon in May!

I will have more announcements later, but a clue has already been given! It's very exciting news, trust me!

Later folks!

Joseph 'Bear' Thompson
Creative Director - TAPM Systems

Happy New Year! - Plans for 2017!
about 3 years ago – Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 09:27:30 PM

Hey folks!  

So here is a quick New Year video update and a quick outline of what we have planned. A quick summary if you will:  



3) Creative Tier backers (looking at you, MedTek, Codexi, Lossitaar, Lord Hunter / Huntress and Biomodus of Legend backers), you guys need to respond to the BackerKit surveys so I can start work on your submissions!  

4) We are going to be attending the following conventions: RyanCon in January, DunDraCon in February, KublaCon in May and TennoCon in July (we think). NOTE: I am also looking at attending Save Against Fear in PA, but that is still up in the air right now.)  

5) Got some changes to Configurations and the Health / Damage system coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned for Playtest Version 6 for our backers!  


Have a great New Year, folks!

May The Engineer Bless Us... Everyone!
about 3 years ago – Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 05:46:34 PM

Hey folks! 

So this year has been quite an eventful one, and with the loss of so many legends, worldwide politics turning people against one another and the ever-increasing level of anxiety from countless other conflicts around the globe, it would be very easy to write this whole year off as a complete loss for some.  

Not for me.  

2016 was the year where you all helped make a dream become a reality. This was the year when Project Biomodus found many of its greatest backers and supporters and where a concept of a game became a real, tangible product. It’s because of you that I can look back on all the other craptastic events of the year and none of them were big enough to drag down the success and joy that came with seeing that email; proudly stating that Project Biomodus was successfully funded.  

Now, in the holiday season, we look back and we pull out those things we are thankful for.  

For me, that was you folks. You made this year a success. You brought it in, when things were looking bad. You guys are my inspiration to make 2017 a much better year.  

Thank you all for your generosity, support and friendship over the year!    May you and yours have a wonderful, joy-filled Holiday Season. Eat food, drink... stuff (depending on your tastes), and give freely of your warmth to everyone you meet.

Merry Christmas, with much love,  

Joseph ‘BEAR’ Thompson
TAPM Systems

Happy Thanksgiving! - <3
about 3 years ago – Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 11:57:27 PM

This year has been a bit of a crazy one, I am sure you will all agree, but there is one thing that makes 2016 rival all other years for me, and that is the love and support we have had for Project Biomodus. Thanks to all of you, Project Biomodus is going from concept to testing and now into full-steam production.   

Project Biomodus has been an intense journey for many of us. There have been ups and downs, tension and joy, and a variety of other emotional states that are either too eclectic or overly soppy for me to detail here, but ultimately, there is gratitude.

Because of you all, this dream has become a reality. Because of you this game grows and flourishes. Because of you, a community of awesome, supportive players has been born. For all of this, I cannot be more thankful of the wonderful people who backed, played and supported us – all the way back in our early development, to people who are just signing up to pre-order the game, post-campaign.  

Thanksgiving is typically an American holiday on this day (I know you Canadians got the jump on it a few weeks back), but I want to let you know that across the world, whatever time zone you are in, you are all in my thoughts and thanks for supporting us through this period of development.  

Happy thanksgiving folks!  


Joseph 'Bear' Thompson | Creative Director
TAPM Systems

BackerKit surveys heading out today! - Please read for important information!
about 3 years ago – Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 02:31:01 PM

Good Morning all!

So the Kickstarter funds have been successfully processed, and now we are ready to send out your backer surveys!   

The surveys are being sent through BackerKit, as they are pretty much the standard way of helping creators keep track of their backers, as well as allowing more people to add to the funding and development of the project after the initial campaign has ended. Here are some things you should know:  

1) IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping – The way BackerKit works is similar to Kickstarter. Shipping is charged based on location, and BackerKit mimics the process here. When you get your survey, your pledge will be listed at the base level, and your shipping (if applicable) will be added to the pledge during the survey.  

The way it displays initially shows your payment for the pledge, and the extra money added by Kickstarter for shipping is listed as ‘Additional Credit’. When you go through to the shipping section, this additional credit will be used to cover the shipping costs. If you want to add on anything else at this point, you can do so through BackerKit and new shipping totals will be calculated.

If you added an amount to your pledge to cover an Add-On already, that will also be listed as additional credit for you to use towards claiming your Add-On. The survey is pretty straightforward, but if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

2) It is -not- mandatory to use BackerKit. You can send me a message through KS or through Discord to get me your information, but BackerKit helps me keep it all in one place and can really make sure that your shipping information is good. Trust me, it helps a bunch.  

3) People who have creative tiers have a spot in their surveys to give some brief outlines of what they want to design. This is the beginning of the design process only, and we shall be in touch with you to get a more solid design together. Those of you who have Monsters, Equipment or the ever-valuable NPC’s will be involved in the artistic design process too. For use to be able to do that, you will need to provide some method for us to contact you.  

This can be either KS, Skype, Discord or some other means, but we ask that it be a way for us to contact you via the internet, and not something limited to voice such as a phone number. Those of you who will be attending Cons and other events where Project Biomodus is present, are also free to sit down with myself in person and hash it out. Hell, I’ll buy you a drink and give you a hug, too. No charge.  

4) BackerKit also provides new supporters with a chance to get the books and Add-Ons available during the Kickstarter Campaign, but they will be at the non-discounted price offered to Kickstarter Backers. You guys came out early to help make this thing a reality, and so the ‘pre-order’ version will be at retail price.  

5) If you backed Project Biomodus at a lower level and you wish to increase it, please contact me through a message here or on our Discord channel to change your pledge level. Add-Ons are still available to you through the site, so be sure to review your pledges and make sure they include everything you want.  

6) Keep an eye on your emails! Check your spam and if you signed into Kickstarter with Facebook, make sure the email address listed on Facebook is the right one. If you need any changes made, please contact me ASAP.  

Lastly, thank you all again for making this game a reality. 

All of you pledging your money, time, interest and faith is the kind of reward that too many people take for granted. I am incredibly moved an honored that we have such a flourishing and growing community of players, and I look forward to seeing it grow even further.  

Hear from you all soon!  

Joseph Thompson | Creative Director
TAPM Systems